10 Tips to INSTANTLY Calm ANY Cat


There are a few techniques, which are not very scientific, but which will allow you to calm almost all cats, in almost all situations.

It doesn’t matter what their race or personality is particularly aggressive. The tips below simply work.

Whatever the reason, you want your cat to trust you. The tips and tricks I describe below will send your cat signals that you are not a threat.

You’ll show him that you don’t mean him any harm. Your cat should relax a little and you should see the results immediately.

How To Calm A Cat

It’s not really that complex. Just behave like a cat would do to an aggressive cat if it didn’t want to appear as a threat.

We apply the cat’s natural behavior to the situation. The first two steps we describe are known as the SLOBLY technique when used in combination. This means “SLOW BLink” and “Yawn.” Go to the next page