8 things you can do to calm your dog during the fireworks


Is your dog afraid of fireworks? They’re not alone! Although fireworks are a fun and exciting show for us humans, for dogs, it’s usually the opposite. Loud and unexpected noise can often create stress and anxiety for your dog.

Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

It is normal for loud noises to startle us, and the same goes for dogs. The fireworks are noisy, and when they explode, the sound triggers the nervous system of the dogs, who in turn are afraid. If your dog runs away when the fireworks break out, it’s because of his natural instinct. He’s trying to survive. It’s not like any other noise they’ve ever heard and they don’t understand where it comes from, so their first instinct is to find protection away from loud noise.

How to calm a dog during a fireworks display

There are a few options to help you calm your dog. {emotional support dog}

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