Does My Dog Love Me? 5 Signs You’ll Recognize


Having a pet often means you’re wondering if he doesn’t hang around all the time for the treats and belly massages he likes or if he really cares the same way you do.

We know how important it is for you to know how unwavering your love is, especially when you invest in the best food and indulge in your habits. So we’ve selected five dog behaviors that can help you recognize this true puppy love:



Brian Hare, a leading dog researcher, discussed how to assess canine emotion in a CBS News segment where he met Anderson Cooper in 2014. Mr. Hare said that you can really say that your dog loves you when he looks you straight in the eye because he “hugs you with the look”.  homeowners insurance without dog breed restrictions

When you play or cuddle your dog and you both look into each other’s eyes, your dog releases oxytocin, the same hormone that helps new moms bond with their babies… Slowly maintain eye contact when you can during the day, and wait for your dog’s natural reaction.

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