Man Debuts His New Fuzzy Alarm Clock


Instead of buying an expensive alarm clock to let it ring its shrill sound every morning, why not get a dog? For all dog lovers out there, this adorable puppy will certainly make your day, the same way this pup does for his owner.

This is this pit bull’s early morning daily routine.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Sean Sarantos loves a lot of things, and that includes his special love for fitness and dogs. He owns a small, white French bulldog puppy that became his partner in his healthy everyday living. Sarantos always starts his day in the perfect mood and that is because of his little companion that acts as his alarm clock every single morning. Instead of the pain-of-the-ass, beeping sound from an alarm clock, Sarantos wakes up to his pup’s morning cuddles. The interaction was just so sweet that you could pair it with your morning coffee!

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