Man Spots Stray Kitten Stuck In Iron Pipe And Earns 8M For His Daring Rescue


Just like human babies, kittens are curious about everything. However, because of their curiosity, they tend to put themselves in the most unfortunate situations. An example is this stray kitten that gets stuck in an iron pipe.

This man was filming in an abandoned area when he suddenly heard a scream.

Walking around with a camera, this man happened to pass through an area near some abandoned houses. As he walked on the sidewalk, he noticed a pile of rusty equipment lying just above the dry grass and branches of wood. In disarray, he heard a little scream and saw a small figure struggling.

When he took a closer look, the man saw a small kitten trapped in a metal pipe. The kitten’s head and right paw protruded at the other end of the metal ring, and the kitten could not help but cry and hope that someone would come and save it.

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