Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip feed elephants at zoo


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip feed Donna, a 7-year-old Asian Elephant during a visit to open the new Centre for Elephant Care at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on April 11, 2017 in Dunstable, United Kingdom.

Elephants are said to never forget, and an elephant at Whipsnade Zoo in England will always remember being fed by Queen Elizabeth II.

Donna the Elephant received bananas from the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, last Tuesday to celebrate the opening of the new elephant centre.

Donna seems to smile when the queen gives her a banana, because how else to react when the queen gives you a snack?

Philip joined the party and offered a banana to the elephant.

rince Philip got in on the elephant feeding fun!WPA Pool / Getty Images

The Queen, patron of the Zoological Society of London, also met her namesake elephant, a baby bearing her name on her 90th birthday.

An 8-month-old elephant called ‘Elizabeth’ (named after the Queen) plays in the sand ahead of the Queen’s visit to the zooChris Jackson / Getty Images

Elizabeth and Philip also watched the elephant team file animal nails and perform other daily activities.

To formalize the opening of the new elephant centre, the queen unveiled a special plaque and received a bouquet of flowers from a young boy whose father works at the zoo.

Queen Elizabeth II accepts a bouquet from 4-year-old Arthur Craft who’s father works at the zoo.WPA Pool / Getty Images

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