This pink elephant is not a hallucination; ‘once in a lifetime sighting’


Tourist captured images of a pink elephant at Kruger National Park. Photo: Nicki Coertze/Caters News


A tourist at Kruger National Park in South Africa has captured images of an extremely rare phenomenon, best known as an intoxicated hallucination: a pink elephant.

In fact, what Nicki Coertze photographed through the car window was an albino African elephant wandering with his mother among a herd of elephants drinking at the Shingwedsi River.

“Some of the photos show it framed by the paws of another elephant, you can really see the color contrast between the two while the little one beautifully shows its unique pininess,” she told Caters News via the Daily Mail and the New York Post.

“I was really hoping that the pink Ellie would play a little in the water, and that it would wash all the dirt, so that you could see it in all its pininess”.

The pink elephant is actually a rare albino African elephant. Photo: Nicki Coertze/Caters News
A pink elephant follows its mother at Kruger National Park. Photo: Nicki Coertze/Caters News

Coertze, 58, from Polokwane, South Africa, has visited the famous Kruger National Park since childhood, spending up to 30 days a year in the park. But she had never seen an albino elephant before.

“And then none of my many friends saw any either,” she says. “That’s why, with that in mind, I feel like it’s a unique observation for me.

“Albino elephants are known not to have a strong view. None of my images show eyes wide open. They tend to have pink eyes that are very sensitive to sunlight.

“Surprisingly, I think we were the only ones who were excited about the albino elephant. For the rest of the herd, they seemed to accept it in their tracks.”